Waterproof Medicine Storage Bag

Item No.: MC-R852
Product Weight:105g
This first aid pouch is made of high quality Nylon+EVA material, very durable and waterproof ,well protect items from being damp and damaged.
the medcial package is small and light weight ,excellent for your luggage/handbag/glove box or put in the car,potable to carry and store emergency medical products for outdoor activities and drive trip.
Our medicine pocket is Built-in 3 layer grids with fullly opening zipper, helps to find the medicine you need quickly and stores them well-regulated.
The medicine storage bag is in stout structure design with good function of dustproof, quakeproof, hard-wearing that prevent medicines.
This emergency medical kit is with big capacity, good to place some medical products for emergency,also perfect for your sanitary napkin storage.